Breath Easy Cinch

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Breath Easy Cinch

This is a new product and I took it out for a spin.
-I like a super tight cinch when I compete as I have a low withered horse and my saddle slips. Even when I tightened this it had some give but my saddle never slipped! I was impressed
-It really gives the horse an added stretch so that they are comfortable and have movement
- I seen less skin wrinkles where the cinch usually grabs
-For young horses and training this would be amazing. As young horses can be reactionary to tight cinches or to much pressure.
-you want to have a saddle pad with the leg cutout. When I used this with my regular pad my saddle fender leathers would catch as the billet is a bit thicker. But with a leg cutout pad I never noticed a thing and was super comfortable.


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